Outdoor adventures await individuals on the Tygart River


TAYLOR COUNTY—Summer will officially be here Sunday, and many residents have already been enjoying the outdoors. To help bring summer in, one local club would like to invite you to come float your cares away on the lazy river.

On Saturday, the area saw gorgeous weather, and 19 tubers made their way to the Grafton City Park to enjoy a nice relaxing day on the river.

Chairman of the Adventure Club Bryan Smith shared that it was a great morning to be tubing the Tygart with the Adventure Club.

If you would like to float your cares away on the river the lazy river, is open all week, Monday through Saturday, starting at 11:00 a.m. and Sundays at 2:00 p.m.

Smith shared that participants should arrive by 10:30 a.m. Monday through Saturday and by 1:30 on Sundays,

“We launch at the Grafton City Park below Tygart Dam. We have a couple different exit points,” explained Smith. “The exit point is based on how fast the current is flowing and how high or low the water level is.”

During your trip on the river, be sure to bring towels, snacks and drinks and no alcohol drinks are allowed.

In addition, with the temperatures warming up, be sure to bring sunscreen and most importantly, have fun.

Smith shared that all trips need to be made through reservations. To reserve your spot call 304-709-0164. Trips may be canceled due to unsafe water and weather conditions.

“Safety will always come first,” Smith voiced. “We will never put profit before a person’s health.”

He shared that if the club felt the water was traveling too swiftly, or if there was a significant threat for thunderstorms, an outing might be stopped, but that the club would reschedule all canceled reservations.

“If the Lazy River is canceled because of weather, you will receive a pass to reschedule at a later time,” Smith noted.

Smith disclosed that the cost of a relaxing tube ride down the river is just $10, or for groups of 20 or more the cost is $7. The money collected from The Lazy River will go right back into Taylor County by being used to add more outdoor activities to the area.

While the Lazy River is meant to be fun and enjoyable for all, there are a few rules that floaters must follow for their own safety, as well as the safety of others around them. All tube riders must wear a life vest along the entire route. If a rider is caught not wearing the vest, an additional charge of $10 per incident will be applied.

In addition, all those wishing to float down the Lazy River are required to sign a waiver.

“We have an amazing opportunity to turn Taylor County into one of the state’s premiere recreational locations. The Adventure Club, along with many other organizations in the area are committed to help Grafton and Taylor County move forward by creating new activities for all to enjoy,” said Smith.

To help with the venture, Smith shared that the City of Grafton allowed the club to put an office/storage building at the campground.

“We would like to thank the city for allowing the Adventure Club to put an office/storage building at the Grafton City Park Campground,” he shared.

To book your next adventure or to find out more information about the club and upcoming events, be sure to follow them on Facebook, or visit https://www.tcadventureclub.com.