Appraisers to hit streets of Grafton

TAYLOR COUNTY—With the warmer weather sticking around town, the Taylor County Assessor’s Office Appraisal staff members will be making their way around the area.

Assessor Christa Kinsey revealed that it is once again time for her appraisers to make their way around to review properties in Grafton Corp., which includes all properties inside of Grafton’s city limits.

“We want individuals to know that we will be out and about in the community,” shared Kinsey.

She said that the notice is twofold: to allow residents to know ahead of time that the appraisal staff might be knocking on their door and to hopefully help keep the staffers safer while out on foot and in the office’s vehicles.

“The staff will be out in the marked Assessor’s Office Appraisal Staff vehicles, but they will also be putting in a lot of footwork, and we want to ensure that everyone stays safe,” Kinsey noted.

The appraisal staff is required by West Virginia Constitution, Article X, Section I to visit all real estate at least once every three years, but all property is to be market value on an annual basis, according to Kinsey.

The specific duties of the Assessor are to discover, list and value all Real and Personal property located within the boundaries of the county on an annual basis, and one way information is obtained regarding properties in the county is through the work done by the appraisers in this fashion.

Kinsey would like to add that her staff members will always have with them their identification tags, so that they can identify themselves to residents. She noted that most days, her appraisal staff members will also be wearing Taylor County Assessor’s Office shirts.

“Again, we just wanted to make community members aware that our staffers will be out and about to help keep not only the residents informed, but to keep our workers safe,” she said.

Those with questions may contact the Taylor County Assessor’s Office by phone at 304-265-2420.