After nearly three years, weekly COVID update calls come to an end


TAYLOR COUNTY—After nearly three years, the Coronavirus pandemic has run its course and will soon switch to an endemic, allowing health officials to switch gears and return their focus to traditional health issues. 

Because of the current standing of the virus, and a decrease in positive cases and infections throughout the county, local health officials have decided to finally end the weekly COVID update calls.

At the start of the pandemic, Grafton-Taylor County Threat Preparedness Coordinator Shawn Thorn began hosting weekly calls to keep key players within the county informed of the virus.

The calls also served as a way for entities to keep others up to date with their efforts to try and assist residents during some of the most critical times the county has faced in the recent past.

During parts of the pandemic, calls were held as frequently as twice a week, and sometimes, when things had seemed to have calmed down, the calls were held every other week. However, as soon as numbers began to climb, the weekly calls resumed.

But, now that restrictions and mandates have been lifted, guidance has been lessened and everyone attempts to return to more of a normal day-to-day routine, Thorn revealed that the calls would no longer be held.

“We will have our next and final call next Friday,” said Thorn during yesterday morning’s briefing. “At that point as we’re moving toward an endemic, there’s not much need for these weekly briefings.” 

He said that information will still be distributed and shared as need sees fit.

“I will still link up with our government leaders and our local media to give them updates as needed, but I appreciate every single one of you and all the time you’ve given these morning calls,” Thorn voiced. “The attention and support that we’ve had over the last almost three years now has been tremendous.” 

“This has been a very big learning experience for us all,” he imparted. “I appreciate you all!”